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Business Loans

Reach for the sky… get the money you need to fund your growth.

Get rewarded for your entrepreneurial vision – not penalised.

In recent times, traditional lenders have tightened their process for lending to business owners – even those which are financially sound, and this situation makes it difficult for small businesses to grow and prosper.

But AVB Loans is different. We think you should be rewarded for your entrepreneurial vision. We understand that small business is the lifeblood of this country and sometimes they need a little extra support to achieve great things.

Our Loans

Business Loans

  • minimum loan amount $25K
  • term between 1-5 years
  • fixed interest rate
  • interest calculated daily and charged monthly
  • flexible security options

If a business loan is what you need, contact us now.

Equipment finance

  • get the funds to purchase equipment to grow your business
  • flexible finance solutions
  • smart asset valuation
  • available for new ad used equipment
  • designed for small business operators

If equipment finance is what you need, contact us now.

Working capital

  • get the funds you need to meet your working capital needs
  • option to provide funds as a secured commercial loan
  • attractive alternative to an overdraft
  • suitable for businesses that have inconsistent cash flows or are undergoing a rapid expansion phase

If working capital is what you need, contact us now.

General finance

  • Business purchases
  • Commercial vehicle purchase
  • Heavy equipment finance
  • Creditor payments
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Major Office equipment

If you’re looking for general finance, contact us today.

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